Sunday, June 27, 2010

your life.your choice ;)

Sweet Life
Editor: mawaryangtinggi

People often asked me, “How can you be so carefree?”. I often laughed at this. Because being me, there is no such thing as ignoring things the way it should be. Can you be carefree when people talked about you behind your back? Can you be carefree when nobody wants to talk to you because you made one mistake? To me, I’m not being carefree, I’m simply living life like the way it should be. I’ve always told myself, “life can be hard as it wants to, but you can make it sweet and simple as you like”. Of course, putting it in mere words is easy, but we are just human, so it’s normal for us to be questioning: “how can we achieve a sweet, simple life?

Take a good look around you. Can you see what the world has offered to us since long time ago?. Even looking up at the clouds can show us how beautiful the world is. Today we are so caught up with jobs and studies that we forget to appreciate the beauty of all this. Sometimes, when you’re walking fast to reach your destination, take a glance at the blue sky, take a deep a breath, and smile. Shouldn’t you be a little at ease seeing how the clouds move? There is so much in the world that we took for granted, but from today, open your eyes and see with your heart.

And have you tried to spend some time feeling grateful to the people and what they do around you? You see, people always complain that they have a lot of work to do, but doesn’t that means you have jobs to support your living? A lot of laundry and ironing means you have clothes to wear, and the tedious work of cleaning the toilet and the gutters in your house means you have a home to live in. These simple things may often be ignored, but by appreciating all these mundane things can help to make your life better.

Most of the times, if you’re having troubles in relationships, try to make an assessment to yourself.
The way people treat you is a reflection of how you treated them. We never realised this; most of us will claim that we have done nothing wrong, and the other party are being unkind by treating us badly. But that perception may be wrong; plus there’s no harm in giving some time to think whether what you’ve done all this time is right or wrong. But we are just human, of course we can’t be perfect.

Despite being a non-perfect creation, (how can we be as perfect as God who made us all?) we can strive to be one. Of course, it’s impossible for us to be really good, but at least on our way of trying to be one we may learn new lessons which will make us a better person. Try not to find faults within others, and improve your relationships with the people around you. Being perfect may be impossible, but being better is always worth the try.

So now, can you say living a simple yet sweet life is impossible? Beautiful words can be written and said, but it depends on yourself whether you want to take up the challenge and do it. Nothing can be that easy, and the points above are the ones that can help to simplified. Take the first step and see how your life may change. After all, it’s your life, so you’re the one who should decide.


diba said...

nice blog...long no see ur

Anonymous said...


Attiya Tajuddin said...

kak diba:err??lame ke x see my blog?huhu~very rare to updating the blog.busy!hehe ;)

江婷 :is this what u're saying?Death is sad, but even more sad to live unhappy.That's why is said,in this life there are options!you have to choose life that u want to go through.either live happily or instead of it!huhu~everything is in your hand,your life,your choice! :)

Anonymous said...


Attiya Tajuddin said...

萱祥:did u mean this?People have eyes of a tongue, is the observation times for the sake of talking.okey.i know what you wanna say!what ever situation it is.there is a lot of option in this life.on how you're managing your life.either in a good way or bad have to think the pro and cons,thinking and never do with never think.that is your life,your choice to make it in what way.there is no one can change your life except you!people around just can help you,give you the guides,supports,BUT the most important is YOU!if you do not change,people can't do anything.widen your more books,talks and discuss with knowledge and experiences people more so that you can see and know which way that you should go that can lead you to the righteous and calm life!the MOST important thing is YOURSELVES~do think about it. :)
may Allah bless you and give you the way out from the clueless and difficulties way :)


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