Friday, May 24, 2013

lose weight healthily :)

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Bismillah. dah berhabuk rasanya blog ni. fuhh fuuhh.

hiks, hari ni baru ada kesempatan nak tulis blog. maaf :)

amazingly, we want to announce Mini Weight Loss Challenge is back!  yeaayy! *big grin*

well, kenapa kami buat Weight Loss Challenge. banyak sangat advantage Weight Loss Challenge ni.

antaranya ;
  • the enthusiasm/spirit yang ada is so much different because you keep fighting and compete with each other 
  • amazing support group provided (it's not easy to lose weight, hence you need support & motivation)
  • free coaching
  • free wellness evaluation
  • fiesta ( price giving ceremony)
  • special sharing from previous season's winner
banyak kan advantage dia. yang kali ni punya memang affordable especially utk student :')

heee. serious, kawan aku sakinah through Weight Loss Challenge ni , she lose 9kg. instead of masa dia tak join WLC, dia just turun 2-4 kg je per month. Nampak takk impak nya dengan Weight Loss Challenge ni. sebab apa, the enthusiasm and fighting spirit within you to compete with each other that push your momentum to really work hard and keep fighting :')

so, proven yang nothing is impossible in this world by Allah's will and with your work hard. So Jom Ringankan Malaysia dan Sihatkan Malaysia :D turn your fat into cash money! wuhuuuuuu! ;D

let's join us, contact/ pm me at 0194150047/
hiks. toodles!

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