Monday, November 25, 2013

Lesson from Musa A.S

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum everybody :)

How is everyone today? Fine or not.  Heheh. Alhamdulillah, on  14th November 2013, I was able to attend Muslim Heroes at MMU. The talk  given by Sheikh Daood Butt was awesome. Sape kat sini tak kenal siapa Sheikh Daood Butt? K boleh google sekarang k kawan2. Heheh.

The talk was about Musa A.S. perasan tak kisah pasal Nabi Musa sangat banyak dalam Quran. Seriously sgt banyaakkkk!!  The story of Musa was about magic vs reality.  One thing that I can learn from the story of Musa is he keep going up to Pharaoh and show different things. As we know, Allah gave so much mukjizat to Musa. He never give up to give constant reminder to his followers and Pharaoh.

Sheikh Daood Butt used an example of a student in class whom the teacher is non-muslim teacher. He went to toilet for quite a long time. And the teacher realized on his absence, and once he got back to the class. The teacher ask him, “You went to pray during my class time? “ He asked eventually for a few times. And Sheikh Daood Butt asked us, do you will stand up for justice if you were in the situation. And everybody was keep in silence.

But Musa stand up for justice regardless of what the situation is. Musa had BRAVERY and PASSION whenever he was about to meet Pharaoh. His followers mostly were top magicians. It was a divine gift from Allah.

The moment when Musa A.S. and his followers were trap and Pharaoh was behind them.
They turn to Allah, ask for Allah’s help and show the way out. When Musa strike to the ground, the red sea was apart. And Allah asked Musa and his followers to pass through the red sea without any doubt. This seems doesn’t make sense just like in the movie. This shows if Allah let it to happen, it will happen just like what Allah want it to be. SubhanAllah :D

As Musa and his followers passing through the red sea, the water (sea) rejoins. And Pharaoh and his people were drowning into the sea. That was the moment where Pharaoh realized; there is no God except Allah. And said, Oh Allah, now I am a believer. But that was too late!!

Allah gave chances and chances to Pharaoh  to repent. But he wasted it. The moment he realizes & believe that was too late. This is a sign to us, Don’t procrastinate to repent to Allah.

This is what will happen to you when you disobey Allah. No matter whom you are, where you are from, No matter you’re a king or not. In the Quran, Allah strongly stated Allah will completely destroy them whom disobey Allah. Nauzubillah. May Allah protect us and guide us to the right path and hold our hearts not to go astray. inshaAllah 

And as I remembered, in the Quran, Musa specifically asked Allah to give him assistant from his family which was Harun.  There was a time, where Musa need to leave for 30 days and he asked Harun to take over his position. And that moment, Harun was tested with another test. He told Musa’s followers not to worship others than Allah. But there is nobody can control them except Musa. This shows how excellent Musa’s leadership. subhanAllah :')

When the Angle of Death came to take away Musa’s life, he refused the Angle of Death to take away his life. The Angle of Death turned back to Allah, and told Allah about Musa. Musa was directly connected to Allah. And Allah says, He will prolong his life as each strand of his hair is another 1 year. Since there was thousand strand of hair he had, He said; “If the death is in hundred years, let the death comes now”. Musa decided to turn back to Allah straight away. SubhanAllah

Another snap to the heart, when Sheikh Daood Butt said, “ we want Allah to prolong our lives but Musa turned back to Allah quickly” *sentapppp*

When the DEATH is COMING, we never know it! IT JUST CAME!!! SO PREPARE FOR IT! *menggeletar time ni*

And lastly, Sheikh Daood Butt promoted the special guest speaker in Twins of Faith 2013 which is Imam of Masjidil Aqsa. He eagerly to come to Malaysia just to meet Malaysian people regardless of the cost of hotel, flight ticket and so forth.  He is so humble. Masjid Al-Aqsa is really near to the grave of Musa. 

Come on people, come and join the Twins of Faith. Event that really worth to go, you will learn a lot!! Seriously!!


Always ask Allah what to do.

Oh Allah, what should I do next?

When we have difficulties, turn to Allah.

Oh Allah, I don’t know what to do, what should I do next?

And during the break time, there was a sharing from a revert, Fred from Uganda.

He came to Malaysia as a Christian, and just a few months ago he reverts to Islam. Alhamdulillah 
He always has question in mind, why do I pray? How is that, how is this.
Be practical and don’t be a muslim just by name! *sentap kauuu masa ni*
His advises to all muslims;
When you reflect upon your life, why do I pray? Why do you wear hijab? Why do you believe in prophets? Learn how to explain those questions in a simple way!

to be honest, never did I thought about this thing. Betul jgak apa dia cakap, we should prepare and know how to explain it to non-muslims. *noted*

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