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Twins of Faith 2013 Part II


Assalamualaikum everybody. as i promised i will continue with the part II.
without further a due, so let's!

Day 2

sorry, i missed the part Q & A session and Sheikh Daood Butt.

so will jumped into 

The Prophet's Wives by Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

Sheikh Alaa said, Prophet's wives are just like our mother. Women you're daughter of Khadijah. don't be fool. Be proud of yourself and that's why we need to respect them. two story of Prophet's wives that we often hear is Saidatina Khadijah & Saidatina Aisyah r.a. and what's great about them? Let's learn.

She is not just a wife, a mother, a best friend but everything to our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
she NEVER raised her voice to Prophet Muhammad.
she serve our Prophet Muhammad like a KING.
she support Rasulullah, pick up food for him and NEVER complain eventhough she need to sacrifice all  of her wealth for the sake of Allah.
when our Prophet Muhammad was down, she comforts him and help him. she listed down all the good deeds that he has done. Allahu.

and Rasulullah is the best husband to his wife. He helped do the chores! he feed the goats, help do the chores. but nowadays, we often see chores = wife! ( so brothers please take note!) help your wife to do the chores because Rasulullah also did it :)

the best love story 

Rasulullah always play around with his family except prayer times. He declare his love to his wife.
again, brothers please take note!
haha. declare your love to your wife. 
why did Rasulullah did that? Because he knows woman is emotionally based =)

"The best of man is the best to his wife" - Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

and what's great about Khadijah, Allah send Jibrail a.s to send salutation to Khadijah. Allah mention her name. Allahu Akbar. and the sheikh asked, who is here among us can guaranteed Allah will mention her name to His angels for being good & solehah to his husband? *sentap*

tapi tak kurang hebat juga Saidatina Aisyah r.a.

the youngest  among Prophet Muhammad's wife. Rasulullah loves her so much but Saidatina Aisyah jealous with Saidatina Khadijah even when Khadijah passed away. *how great Rasulullah loves towards Khadijah* Rasulullah gave nick name to Aisyah. who knows? angkat tangan!
and then the sheikh asked all husband to give nickname to their wives but not tata titi tutu. HAHA.

The Road to AlKhauthar : Sheikh AR MrCarthy

"What did you do to prepare for that day?"

The path is clear.
Nobody will go astray except the one who destroy it!

what is the challenges?
sorry if not really clear.

Quran & Sunnah. it comes together.

when you reflect and follow Quran & Sunnah --> it becomes clearer.

the best weapon for not going astray :
  • follow the Sunnah as like the way of Sahabats
  • Put the importance to follow the Sunnah
  • Stay away from bid'ah

Mothers of Believers ( workshop) by Sis Tasneem Ghauri 

honestly, i really love this session. more reason to love your mom infinity and preparing yourself to become a good mother, inshaAllah :') and Wallahi i learn a lot, not to raise children but how to improve yourself.

so, the workshop started with discussion on below topic;

Sister Tasneem asked the attendees to share their thoughts on this topic.
and somehow, we learn a lot and some of them shares the sad stories of them.
and honestly, most of us were crying. may Allah bless them all.

Mothers don't be boast as Allah mentions mother, mother, mother, and comes father.

HONOURS come with price.
once you're a mother. There is NO TURNING BACK.

what you have to do is trying to be the best you could ever be as the children will try to be as you are. they will imitate to be like you. and that is the moment you will discover who you really are.

Be strong. Mothers need to prepare for the WORST

whatever Allah has created, He created it in balance.

Sister Tasneem once said, I am not raising a daughter. but I am raising someone else's mother.
The character of your children starts from zero year old.

" You can't give your children what you don't have. You can't teach your children what you aren't"

if you want your children to be like Aisyah, Khadijah, and etc be like one then.
your children wanted to do what they see MORE than what you say.

when you face your children, it was like you're facing your own self.
your children is a REFLECTION of you.
what ever qualities that you have either positive or negative, definitely the children will have.

Parenting is not about the kids, but it's about WHO YOU ARE.
improve yourself. it's okey if your children correcting your mistakes.
and each of your children will bring you different challenges.

listing down your best & worst qualities

for those who have maid, it depends on your intention.
if your intention is just to do the house chores to improve yourself better to serve the children better.
BUT if you're outsourcing the role, you're outsourcing the REWARD

have affection to your children. do house chores in front of them, this will make them to appreciate you more.

Sheikh Eyyad Shukri - Muadzin Masjid Nabawi, Madinah

i couldn't say even a word. Allahu Akbar. i feel so blessed.
Thank you Allah for allowing me to hear azan Madinah live. Alhamdulillah :')
Sheikh Eyyad Shukri gave azan for Asar & maghrib.

during his lecture, in between. he asked us, How much do you love Rasulullah as compared to your loves one in this dunya?? * hard slapped on my face*
we often said, Ya Rasulullah we love you. but when thinking back about this, little did i realize we tend to love our family, parents, siblings, friends and etc more. Allahu.

No one is a true believer until they love Rasulullah more than anyone else in this dunya.
Loving Rasulullah by  learn about how is his living, learn about Madinah.
Madinah is a place full with blessings, surrounded by angels, protected by Allah.

Be careful, learn the religion & PRESERVE your DEEN.

Prophet's Trials by Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem

It is a part of Islam that everyone will be tested to be prove whether we are deserve for Jannah or not.

Prophet Muhammad was being tested with his father passed away when he was still in his mother's womb, when he was six years old, Allah took away his mother. then, his grandfather passed away and also his uncle. Allah took all the people around Muhammad, so that he will only be connected to Allah.

He grew up as poor man, but he is known as trustworthy and honest.
Allah chose him to be His messenger. Trials after trials came. The moment Prophet Muhammad was giving dakwah; his daughters were being divorced, his uncle labelled him as a liar. whenever people see him, they choke him, spitted on him. Fatimah r.a., one of his daughter shout to the people for hurting/cursing her father. 13 years in Makkah, Prophet Muhammad was suffering; people were trying to bring him down, torturing him. even when he was delivering dakwah calling for Islam at bukit Thaif, he has been thrown by stone until his feet was bleeding. people were ridicule him, making fun of him. But Prophet Muhammad stay strong because his mission is FOR ALLAH.

not even that, all of Rasulullah's children were died except Fatimah r.a., the eyes shed tears, his heart sadden but he accepted what Allah has tested him. He stand up for night prayers until his feet become swollen, he slept on a rough bed although Jannah is guaranteed for him but still he stand up for night prayers every night to express his syukur. what about us?  Allahu Akbar.

He said all my ummah will be in Jannah. but imagined if our Prophet Muhammad is in front of us now, will he accept us as his ummah? T__T

what did we do; the deeds that we do as in return to justify all of his sufferings? he suffered for years to ensure Islam reach us and we enjoy Islam. *nangis*

Living the Quran by Sheikh Tawfique Chowdury

  Sheikh Tawfique started his lecture with questions; " How many of us are really connected to the Quran? How many of us believes that Quran is the word from Allah?"

every single questions that playing on our head have the answers in the Quran. seek for it!

every single thing that Prophet Muhammad did is in the Quran. *subhanAllah*
Quran contained every single thing that we need. Be patient when people disbelieving you, hating you.
Be patient on doing the command from your Lord, Allah azzawajalla.

Make the Quran be a part of your life. Make things easy don't make it hard. recite something easy.
Go back to the Quran, and make it alive.

Prophet Muhammad always maintained his character, he always find ways to be better. when he gave back, he gave with BIGGER GIFTS. whenever he came to one man's family, he will be nice & kind to them. He puts three stones on his tummy when he was hungry, to straighten his back. Indeed, this dunya is nothing. He gave what ever he had to charity.


one thing that made me burst into tears, when i heard the story of how is our Prophet Muhammad's wafat.
he was being killed by Bani Israel. they poisoned him. Allahu Akbar. *nangis*

even, until the end of his breath, he said Ummati, Ummati.

on the Day of Judgement, he will give syafaat to his ummah who make du'a for him, give salam to him.
He will just put in to our good deeds.

He love each of His ummah. how about us? does we love our Prophet Muhammad?

wallahi, the more i learn about the seerah, the more i don't know.
honestly, i don't want to leave the hall when it was over. the gathering was full of blessings, knowledge, and inspiring stories. it touched my heart from the start, and made me burst into tears and made me realize how small I am as compared to others. Thank you to all the masyaikh( sheikhs) for your amazing, touching and yet inspiring lectures. may Allah increase them to the higher decree, forgive all of their sins, and grant them Jannah. ameen :')

Imam Masjid al-Aqsa was giving his speech
i was crying again when i heard about the history of Palestine, Masjid Al-Aqsa and BaitulMaqdis.
may Allah protect Masjid Al-Aqsa until the day of Judgement. ameen :')

be strong my dear Palestinians' brothers and sisters. please, don't stop make du'a for them.

Gain knowledge. it's Sunnah! =)


nadhirah, kak yana, and me

Thank you kak yana for accompanying me to ToF2013.
may Allah bless our knowledge, and made this event as a turning point for us  to be a better muslimah.
Let's work on our dreams *mohon doa semua orang*

may Allah guide our hearts to the righteous path, protect from any harms, and give strength for any challenges that may come, and strengthen our ukhuwah. Let's fight and struggle towards Jannah together. ameen :')

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