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Twins of Faith 2013 Part 1


Assalamualaikum semua, okey i will straight to the point.
ramai sangat orang text, cakap, mintak share the knowledge that i gained during Twins of Faith. Honestly, it is a lot. sampai aku sendiri tak tahu nak start kat mana -.-
ingat nak pilih yang mana yang bagi impak kat diri sendiri. tapi ada orang cakap, just do it part by part.
rasa macam satu beban yang berat kat bahu. haha. 
may Allah bless & guide my sharing :')

Day 1 

The Sunnah The Better by Sheikh Alaa ElSayed

He started his lecture by asking us to imagine that ourselves being dead, and definitely asking Allah to give us another chance to go back in this dunya, and fix what we have done wrong. and why did he did that? it's because we have granted with that wish. sometimes, we take life for granted. we are here still living, still breathing. we must value every single opportunity that has been given to us. 

and he asked ;

it was a hard slapped on my face T__T


2 conditions of your deeds to be accepted;
  • do not procrastinate (don't delay)
  • do right deeds by following the Quran & Sunnah 
don't do things to please the people, BUT do it to please ALLAH

and he said to us, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE
don't walk out from this hall the same way as when you walked in!

the key to love ALLAH : Follow Rasulullah s.a.w.
(do the things that Rasulullah & his companions love to do)
we often said, oh it's's okey for not to do it. But his companions the Sahabahs take it as an obligation. Allahu T__T

on the day of judgement, the shaytan will say; " DON'T BLAME ME. BLAME YOURSELF!"

punch in JANNAH into your GPS ; and you will find Quran and Sunnah is the direction 
everybody have smartphones, don't walk out from this hall until you download
 sunnah & quran apps in your phone.
but Alhamdulillah, we found a book that sheikh mentioned it. Alhamdulillah :)

so, he ends up his lecture by asking us to eat the way Rasulullah eat, walk the same way he walk,talk the same way he talk.

this dunya, our life is the place where you're collecting things, collecting certificates. but little did we realise, the only certificate that we couldn't see is our death certificate. so don't waste our time in this dunya.

And I am the Best of You : Sheikh Daood Butt

honestly, sheikh daood butt ni kelakar. muka kalau tengok nampak serious. tapi once dia cakap, kelakar.

5 main points that i can conclude 

1) Obedience of Allah  
we have to sacrifice a little bit in order to obey Allah. as what Ibrahim a.s did, he sacrifices his son because Allah ask him to do so.

2) Repentance
we have to follow the way our prophets asked forgiveness from Allah. they have a special yet specific du'a.

Adam a.s turned to Allah & ask for forgiveness. When we do something wrong, do we ask forgiveness from Allah immediately? T__T why don't we have trust? before going to sleep, analyze your day. Seek forgiveness from Allah. do we implement the knowledge that we have?

He also pointed out, don't put the book on the shelf until you read it at least the introduction. Put the Quran to our life. we need to CONSISTENTLY read the quran. Time is precious, you cannot buy it.

3) Steadfastness
istiqamah. start to implement the things that we know but we didn't do.

4) Trust
it's easy to lose hope & trust to Allah. but if we keep the trust & hope to Allah, we will get what we want.

5) Patience

Are You A Grateful Servant : Sheikh Sajid Umar

 i never attend his lecturer, honestly he is my new favourite sheikh now! heheh.
A man of excellence/ ihsan in everything he did, he worship Allah even better.

he said, being grateful is part of our faith.
the complete way of being grateful :
1) Tongue : thanking Allah by speak about it 
2) Body : thanking Allah with actions.
3) Heart : Iman & tawakal will become stronger.

Grateful to Allah --> REFORMING THE HEARTS
 thanked Allah for our own benefits to BUILD our JANNAH

we need to live the life beyond the grave; connected to the akhirah
If you're thankful, He will increase for you.
When He increase you --> Jannah is coming towards you 
if you want to thanks Allah, thanks to other people.

Love the Young One : Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem

Rasulullah NEVER spanked,shouted or reprimanded a child. He gave unconditional love.
Prophet Muhammad never hit a child. Never. He love children, including those who were not his.

Whenever Rasulullah heard baby's crying, he will conclude the prayer.
don't delay your solat just because you have a baby to take care of.
learn how our Prophet Muhammad perform solat while the baby is around. He will put the baby on his shoulder during solat, and when he is about to sujud, he will put the baby aside.

and sheikh asked us, "when was the last time you kissed your children? when was the last time you hugged your children?" Be fair to your children, not only in financial gifts BUT you have to be equal to your offspring even in kissing. Fear Allah more than anything else. T__T

teach & practice muslim and prayers since they are young. we have to take care of our children because they are the one who will lead the future. Prophet Muhammad protect the children.

Paradise Guaranteed by Sheikh Tawfique Chowdury

Honestly, this is one of my favourite lecture with favourite speaker.
He is such an inspiration which is founder and chairman of Mercy Mission, a medical doctor and etc. 
please read his biography then. haha

7 things that will guaranteed you to Jannah ( start from lowest )

7) Putting a smile on a muslim's face.
"Whoever help muslim brother, Allah will help them". there is no other reward for one making muslim happy EXCEPT Jannah! Allah doesn't want us to enter Jannah alone, He want us to come in groups. Hand in hand. T__T

6) Perform hajj & umrah
hurry up on performing hajj and do as many as you can. to get mabrur hajj : -don't do haram things(protect your private parts/no sexual) and don't do evil deeds.

5) This is only for sisters. LISTEN TO YOUR HUSBAND
 woman who ever pray 5 prayers, protect her private parts and listen to your husband can enter Jannah through any door that she like. once you're getting married --> your husband has the right(haq) more than your parents.

4) protect your speech & private parts
 tongue can be control by speak less about the dunya. 
"rememberance of Allah is a cure, rememberance of people is DISEASE."
control your private parts by getting married early( get your young married early) to protect them. and married them to a good man/woman.

3)do deeds with Ikhlas
do any simple deeds with pure sincerity.spend a time during night(preferably before sleep) to do special deeds between you & Allah azzawajalla. anything even if it is a small deed as long as you're ikhlas.

2) Zikrullah ( Remembering of Allah)
always read ayatul Kursi after solat. read surah Al-Qul three times is equivalent to read the whole Quran. teach your family to read/learn surah Al-Mulk; who ever read it, saves from Jahannam & also azab kubur. inshaAllah. "READ THE QURAN". keep the tongue always in the rememberance of Allah.

1) Have iman in Allah & His Messenger
struggle with your blood,sweats, tears and joys for Allah. Don't work for the dunya, but work for the akhirah. when you work for Akhirah, Allah will give you ease in this dunya.

Bleeding Ummah : Sheikh Baker Ahmad Ghaith

Imam Masjid Al-Aqsa was giving his speech. honestly, i can't really focus on this lecture because it has two languages which is arabic & english.
but then, there are some notes that i jotted down.

sheikh baker said don't blame others. But seek for the truth. mainly, this lecture he told more about the palestine's issue. 

a true believer are brothers(ukhuwah)
to love one another, you must being UNITED.

everything about one muslim is indeed for ANOTHER MUSLIM.
don't abandon one another more than THREE days


You will not enter the Jannah, until you're a true believer
A true believer loves one another.

that was about the first day lecture.
but after the lecture we were entertained by the most hilarious comedian yet inspiring,

and also bro Mu'adz Dzulkefly

okey, that's all. to be continued! please wait for the part two!

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