Friday, April 25, 2008

german malaysian institute?? father gv me the application form of gmi dis morning..
huh..should i apply it??wonder*sigh*..urm..
last nyte my mum told me that if u can do the japanese why not u try the germany..
gurrr...japanese n germany is totally different languange..
but i luv japanese vry much..
what should i do now??should i complete the form..
huh??confuse deyh..aiyo!!i'm not totally multi task person..

after thinking deeply,i thought y not i try it ryte?
if i am too hoping the japan..maybe there is no other opportunity for me if i fail to get the scholars..
neva mind maybe this is rezeki given by ALLAH to me.. those who interested..u can view this web..

hopefully if i still fail to get the jpa's scholar to japan..
after did the rayuan..i may get this gmi things..

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