Wednesday, February 2, 2011

when the worries rises more and more


Protesters flood Egypt streets - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

up to two millions man march in the tahrir square,cairo to protest against Mubarak. GO and LEAVE MUBARAK.they don't want you.what have you done for them for almost 3 decades are more than enough.the END of Mubarak=the arise of Muslim Brotherhood,InsyaAllah.

ok stop about Mobarak.what i want to say here is i can't help myself from not getting worried of my big brother and others friends can you have enough and well sleep when your own brother who shared the same womb,feelings and life together was struggle to survive there.with lack of food supply,they saw and heard on what is happened out there,did you think that they are happily life there?of course they are afraid and frightened.

come on Malaysia,don't let them to be in harm because of your very late action.
meh sini bagi tau saya,kalau awak-awak ada abang,kakak,atau adik kat sane?korang ingat korang boleh hidup tenang kat sini.TIPU kalaulah cakap korang boleh nak gelak2,releks2,sedangkan dorang kat sane hidup ketakutan and lack of information.bayangkan lah sesama mereka pon tak boleh mcm mane dorg nak dpat info.bagi tau bagi tau!*heh!emo dah nie tau tak?*

i can't help myself from letting the tears falling down when i read and hear the news,for the time the rescue team arrived,while they have to wait for them,anything can happen.but then i asked myself  to be strong,patient and calm.the only thing i can do is pray,pray and pray.keep on praying for their safety.

Ya Allah,to you the one that i can hold on to,
please protect them,give them strength and spirit 
let them be under Your blessing and protection.
teguhkan iman,kuatkan hati mereka dalam menempuh dugaanMu,Ya Allah.
keep them safe and safely arrive here T______________T

*hati dah tak tenang tentu hala,menangis-nanges tgk berita,people out there can easily say in words,what is your feeling when you are in my place.come on.don't stress them.but give their family support so that they can stay calm and patient while waiting their own childrens,brother.sister,and relatives.*

orang cakap memang senang tapi hati orang yang merasa itu sakit cuba untuk tabah dan sabar,and its really hurts and pain yet so bitter.but deep down in my heart,i keep stay strong because i know i have Allah that always be my side,that can calm me,and gives me hope!Yakin dengan janji Allah itu pasti*cuba bagi kekuatan dan ketenangan untuk diri sendiri*

lets together raise our hands and keep on praying for them :(
be strong brother,Adam Tajuddin.I LOVE YOU :(

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