Thursday, February 7, 2013

yeaaayy! abg kite dah kawen :p


Bismillah. this post might be quite long. i mentioned it here, if you don't think to read through it, just scrolled it down to see those pictures okey? teee heee ;D

Alhamdulillah, my brother was blissfully married on 26th January 2013. Alhamdulillah, everything went well and as planned. and i got a sister in law, yipppeeee! tambah lagi satu perempuan dlm keluarga. kihkih.

excited tu mmg sebab kitorg 3 org je perempuan dlm family, pastu 5 lelaki dlm family, that's why aku x macam girlish sgt! oooppsss. bhahah :p Welcome to the FAMILY kak anis! yeayy. new geng! ttbe. haha

of the solemnization and sanding (Malacca)

 wedding reception at Politeknik Nilai (our side)

the guest book

there is no pelamin at our side. sbb kitorg mmg xkn buat sanding =)

persembahan nasyid dari student abah.

 aira was acting cute. aira tolak abg aniq ehhh. awwww! comel gilos! :D

en tajuddin's daughter with beloved mommy! :)

calling out all the siblings

but unfortunately, aqil was missing in action :p


the guest book turns out to become like this :)

behind the scenes :p

Alhamdulillah, Congratulations brother! :) selamat menjadi suami yang soleh ye! hehe ;)
Barakallahu Lakuma Wabarak Alaihuma Wajama' abainakuma fi khair.

have a blessed marriage. moga bercinta hingga ke syurga Allah :') and i always pray for their happiness, both abbad & kak anis, kakak & abg napi. let's make doa for them. moga Allah kurniakan rezeki kurniakan cahaya mata yang boleh menjadi pengikat kasih sayang mereka dan menjadi penyambung generasi untuk menjadi khalifah Allah di atas muka bumi ini. insyaAllah :') amin!

mohon semua doakan saya juga ye.insyaAllah some day will be my turn which i don't know when and with whom. only Allah knows the best. hehe :p

btw, to those becoming brides out there. i can coach you just like i coach my sister in law, kak anis.
cantik menawan langsing bergaya di hari & majlis yang penuh bermakna. just pm me :') i can help you! peaceeee yawww! ;)

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