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BeingME 2013


Assalamualaikum, everybodyyyyy! :)

someone has request me to blog for what i've got through the amazing event last week. i think twice should i blog it or not or just write the notes for them. tapi takkan nak tulis satu2 utk semua org. penat la den. tak larat oiii. hahaha. so basically, the event was held from 10 am-10 pm. ada 4 corner; main hall, sister corner, kid's corner, workshop. tapi tak sempat nak pergi semua so mostly i was in the main hall, and just a slot for workshop.

sebenarnya banyak sangat yg dapat and i don't know which and how should i right first. T__T having dilemma in decision's making. haha. so, i will make short summary for every slots. sorry, it's just too much. if you wish to have the full notes, you can ask me and make a copy or just email me at  =)

1st slot : Garment For One Another [ Prof Dr Muhaya]

as usual prof muhaya banyak sentuh more pasal dunia dalaman kita.
  • we should live the life from inside to outside [focus on personal development-->self reflection; to build your character/attitude]
  • if you're too busy looking at others, you CANNOT see yourself. ( masa ni dia suruh kita fikir; mata yg kita lihat org sekeliling kita, sentiasa nampak apa yg ada pada org. sebaliknya selalu cermin diri kita, so that mata kita akan nampak setiap inci diri kita. MIRROR= SELF REFLECTION]
  • the life in this earth, is the REFLECTION of the life in the hereafter. (sentapppp!!)
then, dia fokus kepada HEALTH;
  • illness is not caused by genetics but MOSTLY caused by perception and believe.
  • 70% of illness is mind related. [good hormones--> good thoughts]
  • we don't get what we want, but we get what we expect.
  • Allah is the healer, doctor is just the medium.
  • most poison ---> SUGAR which too much sugar will leads to DIABETIC.
  • get your inner peace through unconditional love, forgiveness, abundance, and SPIRITUAL connection with Allah.
kalau bangun pagi stress, banyak dosa. buat solat taubat.
make every breath is for the sake of Allah.


" You want to be a good garment, to serve your good garment" 


2nd slot: Ultimate Source of Liberation [ Br Yusha Evans]

  •  Br Yusha ni dia revert. so masa tu dia cerita how he find Islam and decide utk peluk Islam.
  • masa dia nak tahu psl Islam, dia jumpa sorg imam and masa tu dia minta proof kat imam tu show it that Islam is a true religion. then, imam tu bg dia Quran dan nak explain kat dia

            BUT He said, 
   "let this book speak for itself, you don't have to sell it to me".

  • so the moment dia baca surah Al-fatihah tu dia dah rasa satu doa yg sgt genuine dari seorang hamba kepada Khaliq nya. then, dia teruskan lagi dengan baca surah Al-Baqarah dan ayat yang paling menyentap hati dia is "this book has no doubt"
         He finished reading the Quran within 3 days and Alhamdulillah he is now a Muslim and spreading it =)
  • he said beautiful Quran is the most beautiful gifts given by Allah to all the mankind.
  • Quran is to guide people. A GPS{direction of human's life).
  • we are not living for today, but we are living for that day --> Yaumul Akhirah
  • lesson : Al-Baqarah verse : 30
masa ni dia cerita kisah Nabi Adam diciptakan. Syaitan tak nak sujud pada Nabi Adam dan mintak kat Allah nak sesatkan manusia and Allah izinkan tapi Allah kata ;

"You might trick them but not my chosen slave"

are we the chosen slave? T__T

  • sangat menyentuh hati lagi kisah Nabi Adam kena turun ke bumi sebab makan buah larangan, so Nabi Adam tanya kat Allah ;
Oh Allah, do u know that I'll eat that fruit. You have to know it since You know everything. and Allah said yes. and Nabi Adam said, I've wrong my own soul, I'm harm myself. Forgive me, Ya Allah. If you don't forgive me, I am a LOSER.

Allah dah tahu kita akan tersasar, Allah dah tahu kita akan buat silap/dosa. and Allah gives the solution--> TAUBAH. ( fixed sin through taubah, the way to get back to the original place).


3rd slot: Woman of Substance [Sis Zohra Sarwari]

Sis Zohra Sarwari ni sangat best, sangat inspiring, sangat comel. hahaha :))

sis Zohra ni cerita kisah 7 orang wanita yang hebat masa zaman Nabi;
  1. Khadijah - raising her childrens without complaining and whining.                                                              " We want to be a woman that Allah loves, woman who make a change"
  2. Fatimah Az-Zahra - yelling and protecting her father when people want to harm him.  reflect dengan diri kita, when we have difficulties, we always find the easiest way to way out instead of having the courage to face it. Face the difficulty, and not to be worry because Allah is always there for us.
  3. Sumayyah - being tortured because she believes in Allah. the first woman who died for the sake of Allah
  4. Zaynab bt Muhammad - she's so in love with her husband, but her husband is non-muslim. and Allah says leave your husband. and she did it for the sake of Allah. "When you put Allah in everything, Allah will put everything easier for you".
  5. Fatimah al-Khattab ( sister of Umar al-Khattab) - she stand up for the truth. she's brave and stand up for justice.
  6. Asma bt Abu Bakar - knowledgeable. How long did you can be in the state of repenting, crying and ask Allah for forgiveness? *very hard snap on my face* SHE IS IN THE STATE FOR HOURS.
  7. Ummu Sulyam - submit everything to Allah.
and she said, DON'T TAKE YOUR LIFE FOR GRANTED, LIFE is too short. *nangis*

and she gives tips on how to change :

1st step : DOA "oh Allah, help me to change"
2nd step : invest your money --> go and buy books.
3rd step : Find your identity of yourself, what you love, go and find your talent.


4th slot : Identity given by Allah [Sis Tasneem Ghouri]

waktu sis Tasneem ckp ni aku sempat tulis sikit je, so aku share apa yg aku tulis je :

" Allah takkan ubah kehidupan seseorang itu, melainkan dia yang merubahnya sendiri" *ayat ni aku yg buat, ikut kefahaman aku. ayat sebenarnya boleh rujuk surah Ar-Rad.

Allah knows what we think, He knows what we fear. He knows what we feel. It is unspoken, you don't have to tell it.

be not like those who forget Allah. if we don't recognize Allah, we don't love Allah. What we talk is ourself. T__T

read and listen to Allah's note --> think by yourself.

and sis tasneem ni cerita yang dia suka buat cake. so masa dia buat cake, the cake is she's own recipe.she know the ingredient, the taste, the texture, the measurement and everything. kira nya dia lah master kepada recipe cake tu. tapi kalau ada orang ambil recipe dia and modify, it's not her recipe anymore. so sama la juga dgn Allah's creation. His best creation is us, human. He knows every single thing about us, He knows what is the best. He knows what we should do and what we shouldn't do. "How can we dare to say to Allah, we should do this and we should do that?" We are Allah's recipe, our creator. if we change the recipe, whose recipe are we? *terus terang cakap masa ni sentap gila weh.*

The Ultimate goal of Ibadah is TAKWA. follow His guidance. purpose of mankind is to worship ALLAH.

Let's talk to our hearts, and see the reflection.

slot 5: The Power of Youth [ Sis Zohra Sarwari]

masa ni sis Zohra cerita 2 kisah berkenaan dengan youth action that really change other's life.

kenapa youth ni sangat power sebab 3 faktor;
  • open minded ( they hear, they listen, they do)
  • willing to change
  • living in the moment
 1 IDEA ----> 1 ACTION

dia cakap if the youth want to invest, if they have dreams. SUPPORTS THEM

intentions are VERY IMPORTANT

if you don't have supports; remember ALLAH is with you to supports you.

problems with the youth nowadays, too much watching TV and too much playing games--> it will cause damage to their brain :O

  • if you want your children to tell the truth = YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST
  • if you want  your children to respect you = YOU HAVE TO RESPECT YOUR PARENTS
  • if your children make mistake, and you don't like it--> MAKE DOA
  • we feel the pain--> we have to be patience.
  • keep your anger, keep your patience.
  • BE THANKFUL, because we have the best parents in this life
slot 6 : HER story - HER status [Sheikh Alaa]

  1. do not be little to one
  2. if you fear people, you will run away from them. BUT if you FEAR ALLAH, you will run to Him.
  3. No matter how far you are, no matter how bad you are. listen to your heart not your ears.
  • go to the village - " if you want to change, you have to change the environment around you" from darkness to light. the light of hope.
  • tell yourself what kind of friends do you have? is that if you see them, they will remind you of Allah?
  • who you want to be? be one for the sake of Allah or the one who distress and depressed? T__T
  • turn back to Allah, find out who truly you are,
  • woman is the half of Ummah, and woman gives birth a half of Ummah. You're a miracle.
  • Come back and find your true value of Iman.
  • Repent, Believe, Do Good Deeds [ intention & sincerity must be there]
  • leave the past ; HIJAB is THE UNIFORM of JANNAH
  • it's time to reclaim your live.
  • Feed your soul with IMAN. it's the time to set yourself free--> PRICE=JANNAH
  • hide your good deeds as good as you're hiding your bad deeds. *sebiji yang sheikh Abdurraheem Green cakap*
  • Why TAKWA is so IMPORTANT? "those who are in the hell fire will not have any way out EXCEPT those who have TAKWA.
before Aisyah giving the sadaqah, she will put perfume on the money; because the money will goes to Allah.

Give sadaqah, the more you give; the more you get back. Nothing  belongs to you. It's belong to Allah.

you know what masa ni, like before. they are calling for fund raising. and yes, kali ni they make doa for the one who are giving the fund. Allahu can you imagine, there were approximately 3,000 people in the hall. and yet, they are making doa for you T___T *serious time ni sebak gila, aku nangis dengar doa yang sheikh tu baca. if only you know ayat-ayat bait-bait doa tu. and you will know how I feel that time. In sha Allah makbul weh doa tu*


Slot 7: It's A Girl [ Br Yusha Evans]

kisah ibu kepada Maryam.  She prayed for a son to serve the deen, but she got a daughter that is Maryam. and Maryam gave birth for Isa. She worship Allah keenly.

  • Suratul Nisa --> for women.
Allah raise woman's status. Women, you'll only find your freedom in the deen of Allah.

  • Sisters who lives Islam properly; you're forefront representing Islam.
  • whenever Allah wishes good for His slaves --> He gives you to suffer
          He will give us dignity and honour in the next life. The life is believer is suffering.
  • whenever Allah wishes bad for His slaves--> He will not test them 
  • do something right; if one part of the Ummah is suffering --> the whole of the Ummah is suffering too.
  • Islam come with strange, and it will come back again with strange thing.
  • There are the people who correct the people when they are corrupt.
  • Ghurabaa' = people who are changing the society.
  • Attitude of companion --> Help the society to change
Use your life to repay Allah. Share with others; Be the messenger of Islam.


what can I say, this event was really an eye opener. Allah knows best what is in my heart, my mind. if I can turn back the time, how I wish all my sisters were there to listen and feel the way I feel. most of my writing up there are for my own self reminder. 90% is for me 10% for your reminder. I'm not good, and I'm still learning. Let's learn together. hand in hand to get Allah's mercy and blessings =)  sneak peek during the events. heee ;)

berbaris nak masuk food hall =)

full house masa Sis Zohra bg workshop pasal the Power of Youth =)

Thank you sweetie Dena Bahrin sudi ambil gambar dengan kite

Comel gila kan notes yang Owh So Muslim bagi tu. heee :)

last but not least, semoga bermanfaat untuk semua. and to kawan herbalifers, jom ahhh lepas ni kita g reramai event ni :))

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